Message from the CEO

The world of AI content creation is going through exciting times. Over the last 24 months, millions of people have adopted our products and several other millions across the whole space actively use various AI solutions to generate content. I believe it’s only just the beginning.

That is why we have created Copyrytr.

We believe the combination of our teams, proprietary and 3rd party AI tools, help us better serve the unique needs of the market today and into the future.

Our three brands allow us to have full coverage of all customer needs.

Frase allows us to provide AI powered SEO and marketing focused content and data at scale without data analysis, API solution and powerful AI writing solution.

Rytr serves the needs of our freelancer, individual and small teams AI content needs with with an easy interface, extensive multi language support for a global customer base.

Copysmith, with its unique tools for teams, bulk and high volume content, and extensive (and growing) 3rd party integration and API tools, focuses on the needs of content and marketing teams, with an emphasis on e-commerce, marketplace and enterprise teams.

The possibilities of the future drive our excitement and we appreciate all our customers and partners that are on this journey with us. We feel privileged to be at the forefront of what AI is making possible for our customers.

Be on the lookout for the fantastic things ahead including tighter integrations across products, better solutions for your content needs from copy to image and other content forms, and first in class customer support and experience.

Thanks. Shegun Otulana, CEO @ Copysmith AI